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For all of your Competition needs under the one roof! 

Tanning, Hair & Makeup & Beauty! 

Our beauty team will make you glow from top to toe come comp day!


Sharpen your Muscles with our competition Tan! As a competitor and fitness model herself Sarah-Jade understands the importance of having the perfect tan on competition day!

Her wealth of knowledge about the different bodybuilding federations in Australia and Overseas, she knows what colour the judges are looking for which means she can give you the right coloured tan for your division! If you are competing as a bodybuilder, bikini model, dancer, performer, or just need to feel fabulous we have a tanning solution for you!

For the bodybuilder, figure model, fitness model. How Dark can you go?


Competition Tanning $100


Includes Base Coat & Top Coat over 2 Sessions

Sarah-Jade will make sure that your tan is as perfect as your body!

Get everything you need under the one roof with our COMP BEAUTY PACKAGES



Hair & Makeup & Comp Tan 
All in the one convenient location


Customise your own Comp Package with These Add On’s: 
• Photography
• Stage Nails
• Waxing
• Lash extensions
For more information on Competition Tanning Melbourne Text SJ: 0433059014


How to prepare for your competition tan:

You will need two sessions for your comp tan, a base coat & top coat.  You need to book in for your base coat prior to comp day, your base coat needs to be worn for 8 hours  and then it will need to be washed off before you come in for your second coat. 
Top Coat will then be applied, night before comp or day of comp, depending on how early your division is starting in the morning.  You will wear your top coat as is to the comp, and leave the top coat on until after the competition. 
No touchups will be required after your top coat has been applied, this is why competition spray tanning has become so popular in recent years.  The spray tanning gives an airbrushed flawless finish to your skin.  This means you don’t have to muck around with messy top coats that can look patchy and leave your hands stained, which is also time consuming.   
We use Black Magic Muscle Tan which has a violet base technology, this means it picks up the pigmentation in your skin and matches to your skin colour perfectly. So weather you are fair complexion or olive based skin tone, the Black Magic Muscle Tan will adapt to suit your complexion.  The depth of the violet base means that you won’t look washed out under the stage lights, and it will help bring out your definition. 
Black Magic Muscle Tan is the only tan on the market which has a combined makeup solution in it, this added texture in the solution, leaves your skin looking flawless, just like you are wearing airbrushed makeup but for your body!  No need for feeling sticky and sweaty as Black Magic goes on feeling DRY, you can feel confident wearing this completion tan all day long! 
Check out www.sarah-jade.com for more information on muscle tanning
What do you need to do prior to your base coat:
Waxing ideally should be done 5-7 days prior to comp day, and shaving needs to be done the night before you base coat.  This way your skin will have settled and the tanning solution will sit better on your skin. Hair & Makeup Wash your hair prior to your first base coat, make sure your hair is clean and dry for day of comp.