Dance off kit 1

Our price:
  • 1 x Dance Off tan 250ml
  • 1 x Muscle tan mousse
  • 1 x Muscle tan Glaze
  • 1 x Applicator mitt
  • 1 x Exfoliating mitt

RRP $159.80 – Price $109 This Dance Off kit has everything you need to prepare for 1-3 competitions depending on what you are competing in. It also includes products to help remove your competition colour so you not looking to dark for work the next day. You need to take note that Muscle tan needs to be apply by a professional tanning technician through a HVLP spray tanning machine. Dancers will get 2-3 competitions out of the Muscle tan 250ml


How to prepare for a Dance competition using Dance Off

When preparing for a dance competition your colour is just as important as getting your routine down patch as you don’t want to be washed out under the stage lights. If you follow the instructions below you will be on the road to success, as we have had many local and international winners across multiple federations. We look forward to being a part of your successful journey ahead.


Day l: Apply 2-3 coats to skin types A and B and 2 coats to skin type C and D or until you reach desired colour, remembering that it will develop 2-3 shades darker overnight. Sleep in the solution overnight, wearing lose fitting tracksuit pants and also a long sleeve shirt as the tan can partially rub off.


Day 2: Competition Day! Next Morning: Quickly rinse off the bronzer, no soap 15-30 seconds in and out lukewarm water (if washing your hair, make sure the rest of your body is out of the shower). If you would like to be extra dark, do not shower or Apply Muscle tan mousse when you arrive at the competition.


Competition Day: Arrive 2 hours before competition: If you believe you are too light apply Muscle Tan Mousse to reactivate the DHA on the skin. To flatten out the mousse gently pat the skin to remove all lines and to evenly spread, for a darker result apply a second coat. If you are to use the mousse on the day of your competition be careful as it can rub off and also run if you are really sweaty on stage.


NOTE: Dance off contains 11% DHA a higher percentage than Muscle tan. Make sure to have a quick rinse in the morning as you don’t want the bronzer running if you work up a sweat. The Number of coats will also depend on how heavy you apply the tan as they should be applied as a normal spray tan and dried between coats.


Note: The number of suggested coats is more on the darker side. Ask your competition organisers the colour they want prior to your tan if possible. Reduce your number of coats by 1-2 depending on your skin type.