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Muscle Tan One Litre

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Muscle Tan is one of Black Magic’s competition spray tanning solutions. Muscle tan is designed to give a lustrous deep tan that keeps developing over 8 hours. Muscle tan has an innovative formula that enhances muscle definition and body contours to make you stand out in a crowd. Muscle tan is odourless, non-sticky, fast drying solution designed for all skin types infused with 100% certified natural DHA and a blend of natural ingredients to deliver a well defined tan while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Muscle tan will last between 5 - 7 days and will fade away evenly, while the dark bronzer tone on competition day can be buffed back to give a natural looking tan.


Muscle Tan is used by winning, INBA, NABBA, IFPB, PNBA, FBFF and UKBFF who love using it for the depth of colour they receive and the fact it doesn’t wipe off as easy as others in the heat of competition.


Muscle Tan, is design for all competitors and suits both men and women. To apply for the right event click on your competition link below and follow select your skin type. The application outline is based on the darker side so reduce be one coat.


Click on the corresponding link below to follow the right preparation for your competition.

  • Dancer
  • Bikini Model (link to page)
  • Fitness Model (Link to page)
  • Bodybuilder/Physique (scroll to text below)


To complete this range Black Magic also has offer Muscle Tan Mousse for home application and Muscle Glaze that will give you an all over shine that will hydrate the skin and make you stand out in the crowd.    


Who is it Ideal for?

  • Bodybuilders, bikini models and Dancers
  • Actors on stage who require a tan that will show up under the lights.
  • For all skin types, 
  • This solution has been designed by bodybuilders competing on stage.
  • Someone looking for a solution with NO LIMITS
  • For a darker colour, apply as many coats as you need.


Key Features:

  • Contains 10% DHA
  • 100% Naturally Certified DHA
  • Darkest Bronzer available
  • 80% of the bronzer washers off after competition
  • Deep Colour
  • Goes back to a natural tan that lasts 7 days
  • Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free and Fast Drying
  • Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidants to help moisturise and maintain healthy skin.
  • Non sticky, odourless,
  • DEA, Paraben and Propylene Glyco Free

Application for bodybuilder only – click on links above for Dancers, Bikini and also Fitness models


Day 1: Apply 2.5- 3 nice even coats on skin type A-B and 2 on skin type C-D remembering to dry between coats. Sleep in the solution overnight, wearing loose fitting tracksuit pants and also a long sleeve shirt to limit the tan from rubbing off. 


Day 2: (Optional for men wanting almost a black finish): Quickly rinse off the bronzer, no soap 15-30 seconds in and out of a lukewarm shower (if washing hair make sure the rest of your body is out of the shower). Apply 3 – 3.5 further coats to skin type A-B and 2.5 - 3 coats to skin type C-D, or until you reach your desired colour. Apply 2 further coats to Skin types C – D and 3 to skin types A - B, or until you reach your desired colour. Skin type A and B should always get one extra coat; sleep in the solution overnight, wearing loose fitting tracksuit pants and also a long sleeve shirt to limit the tan from rubbing off. (Female competitors usually get one coat less but they do stand out more being darker.)


Day 3: Competition Day!  Do not shower off the Bronzer from the night beforehand this is to be worn on stage, as once showered your colour will be too light for stage.  If you want to be darker or even out lines use Muscle Tan Mousse: If you would like to go even darker or even out lines, apply Muscle Tan Mousse to reactivate the DHA, just rub over your skin and pat the skin using the applicator mitt to even out, for a darker results apply a second coat. If you want to add shine use Muscle Glaze.


Muscle Glaze: Apply glaze to the applicator mitt and gently pat onto the skin to give a mat finish – do not spray straight onto the skin unless spraying through a tanning machine. Glaze only needs to be apply 20 Minutes before going on stage. Waxing and Shaving: Must be done 24-48hours prior for women and men 48 - 72 hours prior


Hint: Spray Hair Spray all over you skin in the morning - prior to appling glaze will help stick the tan. 


Note: Some female competitors like to be lighter (if so reduce the number of coats) Muscle tan uses a low percentage of DHA as higher percentages of DHA will make the skin over develop and turn the skin orange.


Q: Can my tan be done the night before my competition?

A: Your tan can be done the day before your competition, but the best depth is achieved over 2 days. If applying all in one day you can reduce the number of coats by 1-2 depending on the colour of your skin.


Hands, Feet, Face: When tanning these areas apply 1 coat less

Pre-stage pump: If you are to pump up before going on stage make sure you do it 2 hours before going on stage and let your body cool down for an hour before you get up there as you don’t want your tan to run. Also if you are sweaty on stage it can make you look out of shape to a judge. Make sure to use Black Magic’s Applicator Mitt to pat dry where possible.


What are the Judges are looking for on the stage with a Bodybuilder/Physique?

  • Massive muscle groups, symmetry, wide shoulders and defined back.
  • Smaller waste line to make the top look even bigger and wider.
  • Proportioned legs
  • Low % of body fat
  • Posing confidence
  • Not to be sweaty – (careful when doing pre stage pump)


Safety Warning:

We recommend a patch test is carried out at least 24 hours prior to use.  If there are any adverse reactions do not continue to use.  Don’t apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin and stop using if your skin becomes irritated.

Muscle Tan 500ml
Muscle Tan 500ml
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Dance off kit 1
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