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Muscle tan full comp prep Kit 2

Our price:
  • 1 x 500ml
  • 1 x Muscle tan mousse
  • 1 x Muscle tan Glaze
  • 1 x Applicator mitt
  • 1 x Exfoliating mitt
  • RRP $189.80 – Price $139

This muscle tan kit has everything you need to prepare for 3-5 competitions depending on what you are competing in. It also includes products to help remove your competition colour so you not looking to dark for work the next day. You need to take note that Muscle tan needs to be apply by a professional tanning technician through a HVLP spray tanning machine.


Bodybuilders will get 2-3 competition out of the Muscle tan 500ml


Fitness models will get 3-4 competitions out of Muscle tan 500ml


Bikini models will get 4-5 competitions out of a Muscle tan 500ml depending on how light there skin tone is.

  • Dancer
  • Bikini Model
  • Fitness Model




Application for bodybuilder only – click on links above for Dancers, Bikini and also Fitness models


Day 1: Apply 2.5- 3 nice even coats on skin type A-B and 2 on skin type C-D remembering to dry between coats. Sleep in the solution overnight, wearing loose fitting tracksuit pants and also a long sleeve shirt to limit the tan from rubbing off. 


Day 2: (Optional for men wanting almost a black finish): Quickly rinse off the bronzer, no soap 15-30 seconds in and out of a lukewarm shower (if washing hair make sure the rest of your body is out of the shower). Apply 3 – 3.5 further coats to skin type A-B and 2.5 - 3 coats to skin type C-D, or until you reach your desired colour. Apply 2 further coats to Skin types C – D and 3 to skin types A - B, or until you reach your desired colour. Skin type A and B should always get one extra coat; sleep in the solution overnight, wearing loose fitting tracksuit pants and also a long sleeve shirt to limit the tan from rubbing off. (Female competitors usually get one coat less but they do stand out more being darker.)


Day 3: Competition Day!  Do not shower off the Bronzer from the night beforehand this is to be worn on stage, as once showered your colour will be too light for stage.  If you want to be darker or even out lines use Muscle Tan Mousse: If you would like to go even darker or even out lines, apply Muscle Tan Mousse to reactivate the DHA, just rub over your skin and pat the skin using the applicator mitt to even out, for a darker results apply a second coat. If you want to add shine use Muscle Glaze.


Muscle Glaze: Apply glaze to the applicator mitt and gently pat onto the skin to give a mat finish – do not spray straight onto the skin unless spraying through a tanning machine. Glaze only needs to be apply 20 Minutes before going on stage. Waxing and Shaving: Must be done 24-48hours prior for women and men 48 - 72 hours prior


Hint: Spray Hair Spray all over you skin in the morning - prior to appling glaze will help stick the tan. 


Note: Some female competitors like to be lighter (if so reduce the number of coats) Muscle tan uses a low percentage of DHA as higher percentages of DHA will make the skin over develop and turn the skin orange.




Q: Can my tan be done the night before my competition?

A: Your tan can be done the day before your competition, but the best depth is achieved over 2 days. If applying all in one day you can reduce the number of coats by 1-2 depending on the colour of your skin.


Hands, Feet, Face: When tanning these areas apply 1 coat less


Pre-stage pump: If you are to pump up before going on stage make sure you do it 2 hours before going on stage and let your body cool down for an hour before you get up there as you don’t want your tan to run. Also if you are sweaty on stage it can make you look out of shape to a judge. Make sure to use Black Magic’s Applicator Mitt to pat dry where possible.


What are the Judges are looking for on the stage with a Bodybuilder/Physique?


  •          Massive muscle groups, symmetry, wide shoulders and defined back.
  •          Smaller waste line to make the top look even bigger and wider.
  •          Proportioned legs
  •          Low % of body fat
  •          Posing confidence
  •          Not to be sweaty – (careful when doing pre stage pump)


The Number of coats will also depend on how heavy you apply the tan as they should be applied as a normal spray tan and dried between coats.


Note: The number of suggested coats is more on the darker side. Ask your competition organisers the colour they want prior to your tan if possible. Reduce your number of coats by 1-2 depending on your skin type.

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Muscle Tan 500ml
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